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The escalating tide of cybercrime is a stark reality, and the “it won’t happen to me” mindset is increasingly risky, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that are now prime targets for online attacks. Recognising the severe threats posed by cybercriminals is critical, and it’s vital for businesses to discard any complacency and actively engage in protective strategies to secure their company’s data and maintain operational integrity.

1. Train Employees on Security Best Practices

Educating your employees on security best practices is paramount. The #1 vulnerability for business networks is the employees using them. Phishing emails and online scams can compromise your entire network if employees are not trained to spot them. Nonetheless, 75% of Insider Cyber Attacks are the Work of Disgruntled Ex-Employees. Safeguarding against internal threats necessitates a culture of security and ongoing vigilance within the organisation.

2- Create an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) – And Enforce It!

An AUP outlines how employees are permitted to use company-owned PCs, devices, software, Internet access, and email. It’s essential to limit the websites employees can access with work devices and enforce the policy with content-filtering software and firewalls.

3- Require strong Passwords to lock all Devices

Implementing strong password requirements and passcodes for mobile devices can improve your security posture, preventing unauthorised access in case of device theft or loss. Moreover, two factor authentication (2FA) as an additional safeguard becomes indispensable. It is a small step that can prevent substantial breaches, adding depth to your cybersecurity strategy.

4- Keep your network up-to-date

Regularly patching and updating your systems is another issue you must address in your procedures. Managed IT services can automate this process to keep your systems updated, but it’s important to monitor these updates to ensure they are applied correctly.

5- Have an excellent back-up

A robust backup system is essential to protect against ransomware attacks, accidental file deletions, natural disasters, hardware failures, and other data-erasing disasters. Automated and monitored backups are crucial for data security.

6- Restrict Staff to Download Unnecessary Software or Files

Preventing employees from downloading malicious software is vital for network security. A good firewall, employee training, and monitoring can largely prevent cybercriminals from accessing networks through employee actions.

7- Don’t Scrimp on a good Firewall

A firewall acts as the frontline defense against hackers, blocking unauthorised access to your computer network. Regular monitoring and maintenance of firewalls are essential for effective network security


Implementing these 7 security measures is crucial for protecting your business from cyber threats. Notably, esteemed clients have already enrolled on this cybersecurity journey, recognising the importance of securing their operations.

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