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Malware is a shorthand term for malicious software.

It is basically any file or program that aims to gather critical data, gain access to a computer’s functions or monitor a user’s activity. The impact of a malware attack can be devastating for a business. An intruder could, for example, access confidential data, disable Microsoft Windows services, infect systems and block network access. Net Essence provides robust anti-malware solutions to reduce these risks, protect your enterprise from attacks and repair any damage quickly and efficiently.

  • Your connected devices face daily malware threats as they are your ‘endpoints’. Exploits, ransomware and fileless attacks threaten business continuity. We offer endpoint protection that utilises unique technology to protect and counter against these types of attacks.
  • Stop advanced malware in its tracks and remove all traces after infection with our comprehensive endpoint security. From local hardware to the Cloud, we have you covered. Unknown and known threats can be eliminated.
  • Our excellent incident response solutions will scan your desktop PCs and laptops for malware. Any traces of malicious code will be removed and damaged files will be prepared. We also offer threat reports to help you manage your cyber-security effectively.

The sheer scale of malware threats poses a constant danger to enterprises in the UK and across the world. Many lurk undetected below the surface. Take action with our anti-malware solutions.

Your security challenges are unique. Get in touch so we can deliver tailored support for your business.