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IT Relocation

Do you need to move to a new office or have recently moved and need to upgrade the network or reposition everything?

IT relocation is a colossal undertaking for a SME. It can be expensive, it can be stressful. Net Essence can manage your entire relocation plan. We will conduct an IT audit, liaise with third party suppliers, oversee network migration and much more.

  • IT relocation is central to an office move. A successful relocation will ensure business continuity. A failed relocation project will cause disruption and could be disastrous for your business, so it’s important to get it right.
  • We will create a robust and reliable strategy just for you. We will outline pre-move plans and offer tailored advice on areas such as the physical relocation of hardware.
  • As your IT specialist, we will deploy a computer technician to manage your telecoms and internet migration. We will supervise every step of the way, so your business always remains operational.

The potential burden of an office move can be daunting. It can cause enterprises to stagnate and bypass growth opportunities. We can help you to take back control by relocating your entire IT infrastructure. We will ensure there are no oversights and that disruption is minimised. You’ll be able to concentrate on managing your own workloads.

Give us a call so we can create a bespoke solution for your business relocation needs.