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About Us

IT Support for UK Businesses

We deliver effective, reliable and fit-for-purpose IT solutions for SMEs based in the UK. As a Managed IT Services Provider, we offer a wide range of professional services in the form of one-off projects or ongoing support.

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Our Values


Technology comes and goes, but service that you can rely through fast-paced change is vital.  How can we be of service to you today?


If it is not in your best interests or it brings confusion and hesitancy to your business processes, we will return to the basics and keep it simple.


Transparency, open and honest communication – you may not like what we tell you, but it will be in your and your business’ best interests.


IT and technology is meant to serve you and your business and keep you in business.  Resilient and robust networks and systems will withstand the biggest knocks.

We are proactive and will monitor and manage your IT infrastructure to prevent problems before they affect you. More than 90% of day-to-day issues can be fixed within the hour. You can expect only the best advice and excellent remote and on-site support from us, your IT specialist.


We have retained Net Essence services over many years. While many of their competitors have a tendency to make an initial good impression, but subsequently let their level of service fade, Net Essence has provided consistently good and friendly assistance. In addition, they make a point of keeping up to date with many of the developments in this area.

Pieter Hellquist

Principal, Rational Investing

I have worked closely with Net Essence for two years. They have proven to consistently be able to deliver efficient and time-effective solutions both for my website and IT infrastructure.

Guido Egidi

Managing Director, Stanlake Search

I cannot speak highly enough about the technical support I receive from Catalin. He is technically very competent. Moreover he is unfailingly courteous and helpful, and he is there is return calls. He is not put off by demands great or small. Yesterday he talked to my hosting service for me when my e-mails all completely disappeared from my desktop and laptop, and was successful in restoring them all. Although I have not met him, he makes a great positive difference to my life, I can honestly say.
Isobel Carter

Principal, Incarter International Ltd

You fixed it immediately and no-one should be up this early on New Years Day anyway.
Simon Morgan

Managing Director, Wildwind Sailing Holidays

Net Essence integrity, work ethic and communication skills made it a pleasure to work with them.

John Imison

Technical Director, iDAQ Limited

Thanks for your help getting rid of that particularly difficult virus on Wed and your follow up the next day. I was worried my data was lost and hard drive damaged after the popup warnings and disappearance of all file information after the virus took control and was most relieved after your work that this was not in fact the case but just part of the virus attempt to sell me its “repair” product! It’s a bit worrying that this virus managed to get round my protection software but I feel more confident now after your installation of additonal malware proctection and advice on what is not a genuine Windows warning popup. I promise to update my application and program software more often to better avoid any virus loophole entry points!

Thanks again for your quick and comprehensive service!

Alex Bass

Team Member, Bass Orthodontics