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Cloud Backup

Cloud backup is a service that stores your data and digital assets offsite.

The simple process means you won’t have to manage your own infrastructure. You will be able to access data anytime, anywhere, automatically on a range of connected devices. It is fast, safe, easy and affordable. Net Essence uses the latest tech to establish and host your cloud backup. You can sit back while we take care of all of your storage needs.

  • Cloud backup ensures your data is secure and compliant. All data is encrypted before leaving your network so it cannot be accessed by third parties without your permission.
  • There are no long setup times or complex configurations and you won’t have to waste time checking your backups. We manage the entire process for you.
  • Once the initial backup is complete, we will then be able to monitor and automate the process. Your latest data sets will always be stored and up to date at all times. We can then scale resources and capacity to meet your demands.

With cloud backup, you no longer need to invest in expensive equipment. You will be able to select specific data to protect, de-duplicate and compress to reduce storage requirements. There is also no need to change or upgrade tapes.

SMEs now consider data as their most valuable asset and therefore take steps to secure it. How you use tech is unique to your company. Contact us so we can support you with the right solution.