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Onsite IT Support

Solving IT problems remotely is not always possible. You may need your very own on-site IT technician if your hardware has broken down or you cannot access an internet connection.

On-site IT support still has a vital role to play in modern business. Large scale disasters and other issues often require the expertise of a certified engineer. At Net Essence, we provide cost-effective IT solutions to UK-based SME businesses.

  • Problems with your IT infrastructure and worried about its long-term reliability? We can send an engineer to analyse your systems and offer advice on how they can be improved. We offer professional services for one-off projects or ongoing support, as needed.
  • Data loss and network issues can be costly and make it difficult for you to run your business effectively. We will get you back up and running as soon as possible. We have experience in a wide range of sectors so you can trust us to get it right.
  • Some IT problems are not visible through remote support. We can schedule on-site computer support to maintain your systems. Our commitment to strong, simple and resilient solutions will keep your business connected.

We understand that your IT infrastructure is unique. Give us a call so we can decide on the right on-site IT service for your business together.