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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is an exciting new way for you to access applications and store important data over the internet.

It is likely that you are already using the Cloud in some form, as so many digital services are powered by it. Cloud hosting is great for IT tasks such as automatic software updates and data backups, but its impact can be felt across the business. It drives efficiency, productivity, and agility.

  • Cloud services can be deployed quickly and are generally charged as and when you use them, meaning no expensive upfront costs. This makes you more flexible and allows you to scale services to your demands. Our focus on action and simplicity means you will always be one step ahead of the competition.
  • The Cloud will reduce costs, streamline your processes, and enable you to stay secure while working from anywhere. However, cloud server solutions need to be setup and maintained correctly. Net Essence can manage your move to the Cloud and maintain solutions thereafter.
  • Cloud hosting is essentially a server on-demand provision. It will increase the accessibility and reliability of applications and software, while providing seamless scalability and cost efficiency. We offer expert guidance and support to ensure your business uses the Cloud to develop, grow and thrive.

The Cloud offers near limitless potential to UK businesses. To see how we can tailor a solution to the shape, size and style of your enterprise, get in touch via phone or email.